Program Development and Operations

CIA currently operates behavioral health services, community correction programs, sexual offender treatment, domestic violence treatment, adolescent outpatient services and training/program implementation for multiple sites. CIA has diverse expertise to develop and operate both residential and outpatient programming. Our planning team is comprehensive and provides for one stop shopping for our clients.

Individual Counseling

Individualized treatment in all of our treatment areas, whether it is substance abuse, sexual offender, domestic violence, anger management or other areas, are available at all of our locations. Our counselors are available to meet with people on an individual basis when indicated.


CIA conducts training primarily in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy (REBT and CBT), working with offenders and substance abuse related programming.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is being used in each of our treatment areas and provides the client with an opportunity to discuss their own particular issues while hearing from other participants. This provides the client with the understanding that they are not alone in their problems. Groups are provided in All Substance Abuse areas, Domestic Violence Batterer's, Anger Management and Sexual Offender counseling as well.

Community Improvement has two MLADC and a LADC on staff to provide the substance abuse services, with up to date knowledge as to the newest types of treatment to provide for our clients. These two highly regarded staff members bring years of experience from prior locations to our team to provide the best possible treatment services.

Two EMERGE trained staff members, a male and a female, provide for the Domestic Violence Batterer's counseling. These two staff members present a dynamic program dealing with the behavior that has brought the client to the program which while holding the person accountable while also helping them deal with their anger, stress and help with the ability to appropriately deal with family issues.

Our Sexual Offender program is staffed by three clinicians with years of experience in this field. They enjoy memberships in both the NATSA as well as NHASTA associations. Being a member of these associations provides them with cutting edge information and programs to work with this segment of the population.

Community Improvement, is a State of New Hampshire approved Impaired Driver Case Management Program (IDCMP). Three staff members have been certified by the State of New Hampshire to provide this programming which is requirement to obtain a person's license after conviction for Driving while Under The Influence. This program is provided both in Keene and in Manchester.

Mental Health

The clients who request mental health treatment, they are referred to our Mental Health office, Mountain Wellness Associates, which is located at 155 Washington Street, Keene, NH 03431, 603-283-0195. We are fortunate to have highly respected Psychologists and a licensed LICSW, to provide professional mental health services to those that are in need of it.


Our IOP (Intensive Out-Patient Program) is conducted at our Keene location and entails an intake/assessment and substance abuse evaluation. Upon approval, the client attends a group therapy session three times a week for three hours daily. They are also provided with an individual session, drug/alcohol screens and case management.

MAT (Medical Assistance Treatment)

Community Improvement Associates is happy to announce the addition of Russell Howard, APRN, FNP-C, as a member of our Treatment Team.  He will be responsible for the MAT program that we will be starting at our Keene facility.  Russell is a graduate of UNH with a Master's in Nursing and certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  He will be providing Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol for our clients.  Clients receiving MAT will be required to receive individual treatment sessions and attend group sessions for their substance abuse issues with a member of our staff.

Telehealth (In development)

A new telehealth aspect is being developed so that we can reach out to people who have a hardship in traveling to any of our offices.

Telehealth is a web based program which is HIPAA Compliant for privacy and allows the therapist to interact with our client through their computers. This process will require a periodic in face session with the therapist. We are presently in the development stages for this to ensure the proper infrastructure is available and staff properly trained. We are fortunate in that one of our staff members is nationally certified to provide the necessary training for our therapists.